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Medium Readings

Medium readings help Emma to connect with angels and guides and to pass messages on from loved ones, whilst using crystals and automatic writing, which involves drawing images and noting down words that come to her from the session. 

£60 for 30mins

£120 for 1hour

All appointments are via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Instagram & Zoom

Video Calls. 

Love Readings

People often find love to be a difficult subject, which is why psychics are often called upon in times of confusion, worry or simply to verify current relationships. People who are in relationships might want to know if they’ve found “the one” or whether or not the relationship will give them what they want i.e. children and/or a happy family life. 

Book a love reading with The Angelic Medium 

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Work/Career Readings 

Mediums and wisdom from realms unknown are often consulted when making life-changing decisions, such as career changes, job prospects, or even new business ventures. Other people are looking for insight into potential issues or reasons why they shouldn't take the leap, whilst others seek encouragement.

Book a work/career reading with The Angelic Medium 

General Guidance

Most of us can't predict the future, and for some people that can be a daunting thought. Which is why you may want to turn to psychics and mediums for guidance and advice. An insight into the future can be enough to put you on the right track and alleviate your fear of the future.

Book a general guidance reading with The Angelic Medium

Healing Stones
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Tarot Reading 

The practice of tarot card reading entails using the cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future. Emma will formulate a question, then uses the cards to answer it.

Book a tarot reading with The Angelic Medium


The Angelic Medium can be present at your next party, psychic nights, work events and many others. Please enquire directly via our contact page to receive a bespoke quotation for this service.  

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