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Emma, also known as 'The Angelic Medium', is an experienced, extremely gifted, and grateful psychic medium.

Alongside her gifted psychic abilities, she is also a mother to three incredible boys that mean the world to her – and this couldn’t be truer, as her two aspirations in life are: being able to guide and help individuals who seek her help whilst providing the best care for her children and aiming to be the best mother possible.


Growing up, Emma always believed in the spirit world, angels, and guides and has been able to communicate with them via intuition, gut feeling, and visions since a very young age. In fact, there was a time in her childhood when she had a gut feeling that her twin sister was hurt. At that point, Emma’s sister was fine but not too long after, her sister had injured herself very badly. With her psychic abilities, she was able to predict something that hadn’t even happened yet.


Skip forward to today, with the use of crystals, her 'magical pen,' and tarot cards; she can accurately transmit in-depth and meaningful messages to loved ones on the other side and provide love and career readings to her clients. 


Her messages are intended for no other purpose than to help individuals in need for the greater good. Her work is well-known around the UK and across the pond. She has even worked with several celebrities, so she fully understands the value of confidentiality in her private reading sessions. She can offer insights into her clients' past, present, and future situations as well as healing, meditation advice, and spiritual guidance in her sessions – all with the end goal of helping individuals deal with, improve and move forward with current ‘life lessons’. 


Please book your video call with The Angelic Medium via our booking system if you are interested.

You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes, think positive, enjoy life.

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